In order to facilitate the acquisition of the work of art and the collection, Audrey Hatchikian Gallery offers various financing solutions for the attention of individuals and Companies


Audrey Hatchikian Gallery invites you to acquire the works of your collection through leasing.
Leasing is an alternative means of financing the acquisitions of business leaders. It is as interesting for reinforcing the image of your company as for optimizing your economic model.

In terms of image, it allows you to innovate in your communication strategy, to motivate your teams while strengthening your corporate culture.

From a fiscal standpoint, leasing allows you to spread your acquisition from 13 to 36 months with the possibility of increasing your first rent. Rental rents are deductible operating expenses 100% fiscally. As rental financing is a deductible expense, this decreases the taxable result of the company.

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La passion for art and collection fun must be accompanied by serenity that's why Audrey Hatchikian Gallery facilitates your acquisitions.

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