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Passionate about the art world and the meeting of creative energies, Audrey Hatchikian has been passionate about it ever since, as a very young collector, she became interested in modern, contemporary and urban artists, always in search of aesthetic emotions. His collection, inaugurated with a work by Niki de Saint-Phalle acquired with his first salaries, has grown over the years, built up according to the elective affinities with the singularity and the universe of the artist.

Entrepreneurial daring is the fiber that weaves Audrey Hatchikian's career. So very young, she had to prove herself in the family ready-to-wear business, she also developed her own projects with energy and determination, ready to take up challenges. A way to follow in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents and to carry their values. She created her clothing line, developed it towards the top of the range, traveled to international fairs, while also collaborating, as a stylist, for a streetwear brand for which she designed around twenty collections. for more than 10 years. Audrey Hatchikian has been able to evolve without suffering the downturns of the economy, anticipating market trends and not hesitating to renew its sectors of activity. She managed the development of the network of points of sale for a successful contemporary food brand, taking up a challenge outside her field of activity and her history.

Throughout this intense active life, there was no lack of stimulating proposals, and Audrey Hatchikian could very well have continued her path in the business world. But it is one of those key moments in life when we measure the urgency of living out our passions, of putting our energy, our means, to work for what is important to our hearts. In 2011, Audrey Hatchikian decided to change her path and impose it out loud, despite the inevitable resistance from those around her: a new voice to speak in the first person and bring together everything on which she was nourished to finally weave the link between his entrepreneurial energy and his passion for Art.

From her first phase of life, Audrey Hatchikian learned: to deal with collaborators without losing the relational humanity which was the ethic of the family business, to federate talents, to manage with rigor, to anticipate with instinct. With the enthusiasm and dynamism that characterize her, she will enter the art professions, and her first ranges within the GZ gallery, of which she was the director until 2015. She is in charge of sales both on the first and on the secondary market. She organizes exhibitions, defends the works of Bernard Venet, Serge Poliakoff, Robert Combas, Gerard Schlosser, Toxic, Rammellzee, Futura 2000, Le Module de Zeer and others. She is a curator who also likes to associate works and artists, just like periods, a singular perspective to reveal the location of the creative process.

In 2013, she created LOEN, her own company for buying and selling works of art. In 2016, this company was enriched with a specific structure, The French Art Dealeuses, to support artists. She supports those who have entered her collection, and works with passionate collectors. Since entering the art profession, she has had more than ten exhibitions to her credit. For her, the editing and scenography of the exhibitions are moments of intensity that resonate with the artist's aspirations. She proposes, in particular, to put art in motion: the work must find its place, which is not always the gallery and its constrained space. Decompartmentalize the gallery, in resonance with contemporary aspirations. Open up the field of possibilities for the artist, give him a breath, support him with kindness in his creative exploration and support him in the development of his work. It is a long-term partnership that Audrey Hatchikian intends to forge with “her” artists.

Audrey Hatchikian's commitment to artists is total, it is a vital impetus. In 2019, The French Art Dealeuses becomes Audrey Hatchikian Gallery: it is now in her name and with her singularity that Audrey Hatchikian will represent artists. Art keeps us closed reasons; he is the best bulwark against barbarism. Audrey Hatchikian knows from her family history how precious sublimation is to the human condition

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